Mikuskovics Baum live @ Dechenhöhle 2015

Having no time seems to be the lot of our time. Detached from it Mikuskovics Baum present with their new program full of improvisations and instrumental pieces the real life in all its diversity. Timeless, exciting and beautiful. Take your time to immerse yourself in the harmonic labyrinth of these compositions and take a look, together with the two exceptional artists, through the kaleidoscope of the sounds of Mikuskovics Baum!


BERNHARD MIKUSKOVICS is a gifted vocalist, multiinstrumentalist, composer, music producer, educationalist and book author that has been working with music since early childhood and received his musical knowledge and musical skills during extended travels and in collaboration with gifted colleagues and teachers after completing a graphic education in Vienna, Austria www.mikuskovics.info

Bernhard Mikuskovics

GEORG BAUM is a qualified concert harpist, pianist, composer, music producer and educationalist that graduated at „Franz Schubert Konservatorium Vienna“ with awards. Ever since his studies, concerts, broadcasting-, film- and television recordings led him nationwide and abroad as a much sought after soloist and companion of renowned colleagues www.harpmosphere.com

Georg Baum



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A sight
to the stars
onto the endless ocean
a wide country
into the blue of the sky

All this seems timeless
and yet everything has its time
everything seems to have time
seems to have a past
presence and

Maybe nothing matters so much
as the experienced moment
the now
from ages to ages

A harmonic labyrinth
The return of the soul
into the mystery
behind our
dual reality

As ever always



"Timeless by Mikuskovics Baum filled me with a sense of happiness, I realised that with albums of this supreme quality, means the new age music industry is indeed in safe hands. The multi instrumental performances, the smoothness of style and production created for me an extremely enjoyable musical experience, one I know you will have as well, this is new age music at its very best."... read the complete review (Steve Sheppard, One World Music)

"This is a music that lives from the depth of the sound of natural instruments, which is mindfully explored over and over again. A music that allows the tone, the sound, to unfold in dignity and beauty. And that is the unmasked sound, which has undressed itself from all artificial effect garments, in order to be what it is: an elegant being of light, equipped by nature with everything it needs, to paint these landscapes with luminous feathers in the dark silence.... read the complete article (Max Altemüller)