Mikuskovics Baum live @ Salvatorsaal

Old European Christmas Carols & Music for the quiet season As the days grow shorter and the world gets colder we long for warmth and comfort. It’s a time for contemplation and silence. Long before the advent of Christianity many ancient cultures around the globe commemorated this time when the sun is at it’s lowest and the earth is closest to death. For without the sun there is no life on earth...

Mikuskovics Baum: Lux Natus Est

BERNHARD MIKUSKOVICS is a gifted vocalist, multiinstrumentalist, composer, music producer, educationalist and book author that has been working with music since early childhood and received his musical knowledge and musical skills during extended travels and in collaboration with gifted colleagues and teachers after completing a graphic education in Vienna, Austria

Bernhard Mikuskovics

GEORG BAUM is a qualified concert harpist, pianist, composer, music producer and educationalist that graduated at „Franz Schubert Konservatorium Vienna“ with awards. Ever since his studies, concerts, broadcasting-, film- and television recordings led him nationwide and abroad as a much sought after soloist and companion of renowned colleagues

Georg Baum


Winter solstice marks the rebirth of light, expressed through the lengthening of days. Ancient Rome celebrated the Saturnalia. Pre–Christian northern and western Europe had it’s Yultide. For Christians Jesus himself is the incarnation of god s eternal light, born in the darkest night as the light of the world.

Following these traditions Bernhard Mikuskovics & Georg Baum perform old European Christmas carols in a new and exquisite way with the touching sounds of vocals, overtone singing, classical & celtic harp, jew’s harp, horn pipe, guitar, overtone harp & sruti box



A Christmas CD with titles like "Maria durch ein Dornwald ging" or "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen"? This sounds like common holiday music. But who is listening to "Lux Natus Est" by Mikuskovics Baum soon realizes that the well-known songs appear here in a completely new light. The viewing angle of the duo transcends the Christian tradition without denying it... (Miroque)